Sunday, 6 April 2014


I went to take the eight o'clock communion this morning. It was fine..even without David. .

His ashes are now in the vestry waiting to be buried. This is the best way I can explain how I feel now.


You died in the winter when the nights were long and dark

Only a few weeks later it is Spring

And light in the sky at supper time

You are missing it David

The returning of the light.


Where you are now it must always be light

You live now with the light of Christ

Shining through your dear eyes, your sweet face


I have scattered the seeds for the wild flower garden

Without you

But now it's up to you

Shine your light upon the hare bells, the primulas

And the daisies.

Keep them warm and sheltered from the storm

Enfold them in your loving arms as though they were me

And keep them safe as you did me. Amen


  1. Oh Jean.

    Blessings love and prayersX

  2. Beautiful, Jean

    Peace be with you

  3. Jean lovely words and heartfelt - pouring from you.

    Prayers and hugs and love continue here.

  4. Thank you. Love and prayers for him, and you...