Sunday, 13 April 2014


Last night was amazing....
I went out for the first time since last Spring.   I have of course been out to friends homes, favourite eating places but this was a large group of people most of whom I knew well. I wanted to go but was unsure .....
So far in this journey of bearevement I have been very careful not to be in large groups of people.  In church I just ask them not to be nice to me but this was a celebration, a festive occasion, one of my friends had become an OAP!
A landmark occasion not to be I went!
I was comprehensively hugged and I really did enjoy myself...a new phase in this saga has now been reached, I can start to go out socially again...I can even enjoy large groups of people  after months of being on my own! I wore pink!
The celebration last night filled me with great joy! My smile was evident the whole evening.
Village community life at it's very best.
The man who inspired it all is kind, generous, caring and not at all old.....cheers mate!

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  1. How lovely!!! Really glad to hear this. It takes time, but sometimes the right things comes along and it just works.

    Really glad that you feel able to go out again socially, as it is obviously an important aspect of your life - and it brings friends and a wider circle for you to enjoy once again.

    Prayers, hugs and love still coming from her though.