Monday, 7 April 2014

Clean slate!

I have woken up today to the realisation that all the things that needed to be done have been! The paper work is complete.

I now pay all the bills for all of the various services. I have talked to everyone who organises these things including the tax people!

I think I now know what I'm doing though Sod's law decrees there's bound to be something I've missed. But as of now it's all done.

Having sorted the paper work I can now start on the rest....

David's clothes are in his dressing room....they can stay there for a while..there is reassurance in opening a wardrobe door and finding well loved shirts waiting to be worn!

I am still wearing David's cardigans over whatever else I put on!

It's still cold and wet out there....

My decision to go out and resume walking has faltered on recent days as the weather stays miserable! I lack a dog to drag me out no matter what and that should not be read as me wanting one.....I think my dog days are done...

I can't remember a time when on Monday morning I had an empty diary and the world was my oyster...

This needs careful thought....I could even start looking at the cruise brochures dropping through my door daily!

It's a weird moment....I can only go back to what I have always done and let God lead me!


  1. Now that the busiest time is over I pray you will find refreshment and glimpses of joy even through the emptiness of the now.

  2. Having been one of the 'movers and shakers' for so long, perhaps it's time to sit back and wait for the Lord's sat-nav to put you where you need to be.
    Your lovely surroundings, this particular season and your own aesthetic sense will help with the healing process.
    If walking is still one of your great pleasures perhaps you might find a small group of like-minded locals to take the place of Crispin.
    On the other hand if other people are not what you need, this might be a good time to get some of your lovely poetry together in the form of a 'slim volume', and get it published.
    The world is indeed your oyster, but unlike oysters, there is no time limit.
    Sit quietly and see what breaks the silence.
    Love and prayersX

    1. Very good advice thank you Ray.....I had considered briefly putting together I small volume of poetry...we will see....