Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Defrosting time!

David would never have risked not having any ice!

Those words spoken yesterday heralded an attempt to defrost the freezer! We have had two glorious days of sun and warmth....it is time to get the ice out...for the lemonade if not the Pimms!

It is another small indicator of how unwell my husband was long before the main symptoms became evident.

Every summer he would appear in the late afternoon with a cold drink clinking with ice!

Yesterday I was unable to get the tray of cubes out of the freezer!

It was defnately time to defrost! I emptied the frozen contents , wrapped them all up and left them. That was yesterday lunch time! During the evening I checked on progress...it was still solid! It is still in much the same state this morning....I came to bed and left it all thinking that by this morning the ice would have melted I left several thick towels on the floor to soak up the inevitable water!

I can still not even get the ice tray out! I am not, at seven am yearning for a gin and tonic but the mind is boggling at how long it's all taking!

I now realise that in the eight years we have lived here the freezer has probably never been thoroughly defrosted .....

I am on a mission.....even if it means throwing out much too much food for comfort I am going to get every last bit of ice out of that space....and it's not the ice cubes I'm after....

My need for tidyness, the urge to be in control is I think what's driving this prolonged attempt to conquer the ice field in my kitchen! It's tough stuff! If I crack under the attempt you will know that my own personal Titanic moment has been too much...I could sink without trace this morning but it's now war...I can drink my evening libations unsullied by ice, it's not so important to me. It's the need to keep up one of David's traditions that's driving me....another day should do it!

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