Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday ?

Having very recently witnessed the cruel death of a loved one I find myself unable to bear witness this morning as David and I always did.

We processed from our little church carrying the cross....only in very recent years did David give up the carrying himself.

On the quay the cross is erected and crowds of people pray, sing a hymn and eat a hot cross bun.

Today I can do none of that. I will follow them in my heart .

I will do an hour at the cross later....sitting quietly in my pew with handky ready.

I will remember previous Good Fridays which were always days of emotion for me. There are just too many tears this year for me to bear witness to another death.

I shall remember all those people who have died for their faith today because,

This is the day when man killed God.


  1. Prayers and love from here.xx

  2. Extra special blessings this Good Friday Jean. Will include you in my prayers in all three services over the next days.
    Love and prayers X

  3. Prayers for you. Hadn't appreciated the impact of Good Friday for you :(

    We had a powerful witness with Churches together. The Baptists created a huge crucifix from cut down telegraph poles and they carried it in procession with us from their church to ours. Heroic if not foolhardy really. But it sent out a powerful statement to those who witnessed it.

    1. Sounds wonderful.....I hope those who carried it were young and strong!