Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ready for summer?

Having seen several weather reports for the coming season it seemed like a good idea to buy a new recliner.

I had seen something called a "helicopter" hammock- like construction at the garden centre we visited this week. I realised that it was much too big for me to even contemplate constructing it. There was no possibility that I could have either got it up or placing it where it needed to go so I settled for a smaller version...a rocking sun bed, constructed around two large intersecting looked lovely in the brochure!

It arrived extremely quickly, was not too difficult to unpack and then I found the construction instructions!

I should have taken this into consideration obviously...I lack the sort of mind that can make A go into B safely....

Lacking the resident engineer I just looked at it...there is a very nice picture of it assembled...not too many screws, bolts and stuff.

I just gulped at the first attempt. It needed two people to assemble it . There are two large wheels that hold the actual seat in the middle....

Any poor man crossing my path in the next few days will have a large jigsaw puzzle to face...I can play helpless female if the need arises...and the fog outside is lifting...a sun bed would be wonderful!




  1. Oh Jean I know this one so very well. The 'putting things together' gene has by-passed me completely.
    Give me a piece of prose with words missing and I can supply a choice of ten possibilities.
    Give me a difficult to grow plant and I can 'magic' it into healthy life.
    Give me a simple piece of construction - even jjust two or three pieces and i can produce total demolition.
    What is it with a certain type of female? We don't lack brains but seem to have had a 'builders' by-pass.
    Good luck with finding a handy man. If you do find one when he has built your lovely recliner, parcel him up and post him to me please.

    1. It is up now Ray.....but having sat in it once the rain has arrived this morning...
      The visiting man had it up in no time......hmmmm