Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sharing the peace.

This has been a week of visitors and more are on their way. For many Easter is the first holiday of the year and this bit of Cornwall will be full.

The first David and I were always part of this invasion. At first we stayed in a hotel and then as our visits got more frequent we rented houses, sometimes with friends.

Some of those friends still come down every year...some have got second homes here and are down fairly frequently...but Easter is still the first official meeting point of the the year.

I have had several phone calls alerting me to imminent arrivals and also this week have been visited...the rail line being opened has brought down a few unexpected people.

At first visitors were not really welcome with one or two honourable exceptions but I am now finding that I welcome people popping it. As I live on a road many people just pull in on chance and they are all welcome...

One of this weeks visitors came to value the house, not I hasten to add that it's going on the market.

The man who came was the man who sold us the house eight years ago.

I showed him round, noting all the changes over the years. When we got to the garden he stopped in amazement.

"I sold you a field" he said.

It is looking particularly beautiful right now....and he was the last years the field has become a garden with wonderful views in places...

The valuation done he stopped for a of several unexpected chats during a period of glorious weather when walking around David's new path was a joy.

He told me we had done well....increased the value of the house etc....but I am not even remotely tempted....this was our home, mine and David's...and it's not finished, the garden is still a work in progress...

It is also a place of seclusion and peace...not to hide away from people but to share and value particularly at times like these when the whole Roseland is filling up fast.

Thank you God.


  1. It's that old dichotomy again isn't it? You have on the one hand a lovely home in beautiful surroundings. A place of warmth, comfort and memories but, on the other hand, the entire world is drawn to your haven just because it is so beautiful and like bees to honey your contacts, friends and family invade your peace.
    Enjoy the company when it is welcome, but don't allow yourself to be a centre for those who will try to turn you into a 'visitors' centre'.
    Love and prayers X

    1. Wise words Ray....thank you I'll do my best! When I really can't cope I say so..mostly...

  2. Lovely Jean that you feel able to welcome some. I'm thanking God that you're doing so well. But I hope that you aren't being overwhelmed by it all.

    I hope that Easter passes peacefully for you and you will be in my prayers throughout.