Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Small complications.

Having spent far too much time yesterday melting a mountain of ice I came to bed tired but with an agreeable feeling that I was getting on top of some of my problems.
Today however brings it's own small tests!
The number of forms that have to be completed have proliferated again! Feedin tariffs , tax matters, legal details. They are all demanding my attention and all my positive feelings from yesterday have been blown away on the wind. I suppose this is the one more indication of the nature of bereavement....two steps forward , three back...
Looking for the right people to help with some of the problems takes nearly as much time as actually doing them!
This morning though I am doing the mid week communion at our local church and this is what saves my sanity. Several of the regulars have their own problems and I am unsure how many of them will turn out.
Just as a precaution I will take my home communion kit with me....I have no keys now that will open any doors since we had a much needed face lift last year. David had the right keys but which they are amongst hundreds of others remains one of life's mysteries.
All of these are tiny problems compared to the pain of loss but they are keeping my mind from any feelings of self congratulation. For every small triumph there are more trials waiting just around the corner .
They are all solvable in time....I think and I may celebrate yesterday's tiny triumph by putting an ice cube in my morning orange joice shortly!

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  1. "The longest journey starts with one small step". What would we do withouit the mountain of platitudes, cliches, and 'oldy worldy wisdom, poured over us by the well meaning?
    I think you will find the necessary energy and the fact that you have dealt so well with the 'glacier' is proof.
    Where the paper work is concerned, it can be very daunting if you are not familiar with the invariably complicated formats. I'm afraid I took myself of to the bank, looked helpless an upset (not difficult), and begged for their help.
    It is amazing how ready people are to help sort things out for those who admit to being 'bewildered'
    If you have any among your small army of friends, neighbours etc who have expertise ask them first.
    Meanwhile prayers for you continue. X