Monday, 14 April 2014

Summer house sanctuary.

On this a day of glorious sunshine I have been cleaning.

David and I bought a summer house soon after moving in here. It is a little way from the house and was David's bolt hole. He set himself up in there , hid from unwanted visitors and enjoyed the peace all around him. Several of his friends were allowed in but the rest never got to see it.

There was a bottle of scotch in there at one stage but I never saw any glasses and it seems unlikely that he drank from the bottle. The level did go down however so I deduced that it was quietly added to the tea and coffee I took him on good sun filled days.

This morning I took in a brush and sent every spider scurrying for cover. It had a complete Spring clean. I moved some furniture outside and was sitting in glorious sunshine when the first visitor arrived...

They were not invited in. Somehow it became David's space and just sitting in his comfy arm chair felt intrusive so I was not in the mood to invite anyone else!

It's another job done....

After I'd inspected it again I shut the door and sat outside....not quite keeping guard but almost!

The quirky little things you do after loss can become totems in themselves and I'm trying hard not to allow this to happen . I shall start to use the summer house this summer if we get one... I'm saying nothing about the bottle of scotch though!



  1. What a lovely idea 'deposing the spiders' and taking back David's safe space.

  2. This is a lovely piece of writing & is very moving. Thank you for sharing this.