Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sweeping and polishing!

Today is devoted to getting David's car clean ! I can't now remember when he last took it to a car wash ......some time anyway! A young man is coming with a machine which he employed to get my Beetle gleaming....and to clear the dog hairs which remained long after the dog!

He has now been warned, we are dealing with an entirely different beast! I am hoping he knows what some of the controls do.....I have no idea how to open the sun roof!

I've waited till the really ghastly weather looks gone for the time being so that the mud on the doors isn't hurled back immediately!

Somehow tidyness has become the most important ingredient of my life right now and having organised and cleaned everything inside I have now to start on the rest of my life.

It's become a challenge to sweep up the new path after the moles have played on it. Sweeping my garden paths has never been an important factor in my life till now but somehow I can't stop.

It is I think what I explained to a super house proud friend from years ago who used to fret if the dining table hadn't been polished by lunch time.

When the main events of your life are totally beyond your control then tackling the things you are in charge of assumes massive importance....and I think that's what must be happening to me right now!

It is vital that I get everything tidy and clean before Easter..... Make of that what you will!


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