Saturday, 26 April 2014

The importance of words.

I am doing a "Service of the word" tomorrow at the local church. Words are obviously important to me and this is one of the occasions when I have enjoyed the whole process of setting it all up and choosing readings suitable for the occasion.

It helps that I know the congregation and their capacity to listen and to understand poems from people like Gerard Manley Hopkins whose sprung rhythm can be difficult. I often rely on the Cornish poets, particularly Charles Causley...

Tomorrow on the first Sunday of Easter I am using a lovely poem written by a very old friend, Bill Vanstone.

His book, Loves Endeavour, Loves Expense contains a beautiful poem written in the aftermath of Easter.

The book itself is an account of his ministry on a new housing estate in Rochdale. I recognise all the people in it...I was one of them.

Here are a few verses........

Morning glory, starlit sky

Leaves in springtime, swallows flight,

Autumn gales, tremendous seas

Sounds and scents of summer nights.

Open Lord are these, Thy gifts

Gifts of love to mind and sense

Hidden is loves agony

Loves endeavour , loves expense.

Bill comforted me during my first experience of bereavement And goes on doing it still. Thank God for words.

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