Saturday, 26 April 2014

The sin of waste.

Somehow this morning my mind is returning to the plight of the hungry...

After church I shall sort out the dustbins and the recycling bags and boxes. I know that this week I shall have to throw out food which for various reasons I haven't eaten. Waste really is a sin in a time when food banks are keeping people alive!

I know that some people object strongly to the clergy saying things that seem to be political but we are now living in an age where food banks are desperately needed. Feeding the hungry must be a priority for any Christian surely? It's not political to say's common humanity!

Throwing out the half Stilton I bought at Christmas for David to enjoy will hurt this morning....but I'm not going to eat it and it can't go to the good bank! It is an ethical dilemma to which I can find no easy solutions.

As a girl in postwar Britain in a poor family I was often hungry...often poorly shod and dressed...

Free orange juice and fish oil tablets helped but the setting up of the welfare state and the NHS was supposed to keep us healthy in body as well as soul.

Watching our much loved Health Service and welfare state being slowly dismantled brings a feeling of helplessness and the knowledge that the wheel has come full circle once more.

And as I chuck out good food once more I pray for those less fortunate and ask forgiveness for my wastefulness. Lord, hear my prayer.

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  1. I agree about the need for active concern for those in our own communities who are going hungry.
    We have a food waste collection service in this town but I have only used my little food caddy on two occasions, once for a cheese rind, and once for skin and bones of a salmon.
    One of your problems is obviously that you are used to catering for two and scaling down takes time and planning.
    As for any cheese or similar food which is past human consumption the birds get it.
    The starlings (a bit like goats) will eat virtually anything and the blackbirds love cheese particulalrly now in the breeding season.
    It helps that I'm quite greedy:)