Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Time is subjective......it fies past at a rate of knots when there's a lot to do and drags it's heels shamefully if misery is the prevailing mood.

I was astonished this morning to find Spring Bank holiday is just around the corner....our Easter visitors have only just gone home after all!

It means that this week I will do all the things I was leaving till next week before we get full again. It's much easier to park the car whilst the village is quiet! This means that now time will fly by .....it's started already!

Gremlins are about too, as well as time peculiarities . Blogsy ate the first post I wrote....it's vanished without trace....gone...forgotten...I am not sure if this is an editorial action or just one of those daft things that happen occasionally with machines that think they are intelligent!

What ever the reason this is the second attempt. If this one disappears too I shall assume someone somewhere is trying to tell me something...and I would rather it was God than Blogsy!

When I sat down to write this there was loads of time....now I realise it's started galloping again and I had better get out there . I need some cash....last time I tried I to use the bank in the village, the cash machine was full of sea water....I am assuming it will be dry today!

Time is now rushing past....it really is very subjective!

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  1. More haste, less speed is an old adage, but a timely one :)

    Prayers continue here.