Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tiny triumphs.

Life right now is full of small triumphs but I do really mean small.
Yesterday was a triumph in that I survived a whole night of social activity without dissolving into tears. Tonight's small triumph was opening a bottle of wine! David was an ace bottle opener.. He had had a lot of practice in this for eight years as with the driving I was happy for it to be his job. Since he died I have opened the occasional bottle but they have all had screw caps....and they are easy, even for me!
I found that none of David's corkscrews were going to work for me so I bought two or three easy ones...which proved not as easy as all that!
When the first David died I made the mistake of telling my girl friends that I had no idea how to open the champagne. There were no shortage of volunteers to show me!
Tonight I actually managed to get out a cork without any of the disasters I have got used to over the years...
I have not had a good Lent....but giving up drink right now would not be a good belated gesture I think.
Last year we had Lent and Easter on the Queen Elizabeth. They were not good either so I am getting out of practice.....
At this stage I am unsure as to which of the Easter services I can manage...
The Good Friday meditation might meet my mood best but I'm afraid that I could come a cropper over Easter Day....
However the small triumphs I've managed over the weekend may galvanise me into action is possible!


  1. Stop expecting to feel the same even two days running. At this stage you should celebrate every tiny triumph, accept the 'can't do, don't want to do it' days and pat yourself on the back if others fail to do it for you.
    If a glass of wine or two help then so be it. We all have our ways of coping, they're all different, and all equally valid.
    Blessings hugs and continuing prayers.X

  2. I suspect that you will continue to have ups and downs, but any small advance is to be welcomed. I have to admit that I too am hopeless opening bottles of wine - but since we both stopped drinking, that's no longer a drama. And I don't see any need for you to change course mid-lent, whatever helps you to keep well and safe seems to me to be OK. Prayers hugs and love continue from here in North Kent.