Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Visiting the past.

Holy Week is not typical for me..... I suppose that's only to be expected.

Various family and friends are arriving and yesterday one of them brought with her lots of old photographs. They were all of the first David and some of our exploits on the water in our cabin cruiser on the Great Ouse. Some of them I'd never seen before and it was very weird, remembering in detail our life in Essex before I moved here.

It reminded me vividly of how I had mourned him and reassured me that the pain does get less with time!

With the wonders of modern technology I was able to photograph some of them with my iPhone and email them to some of the people who were in the photos with us.

And that got me thinking. It's a completely different world now!

The first David died in 1997. He was computer phobic. It was interesting to wonder if he'd have been pulled into this brave new world kicking and screaming had he lived....

The second David had had all the self help books for dummies and was well versed by the time we met.

The world has changed in the last two decades...and all the photos showed us much younger and fitter enjoying being afloat accompanied by the various dogs....

Spending Holy Week here is obviously different...the weather is I am going back to being a teenager when we spent time tramping over the moors, visiting the beauty of the Pennines.

Walking here has it's own glories....and I intend to look for God and His Son in my own way , out of the crowds, along remote cliff paths........

I have still not sorted out Maunday Thursday or Good Friday ..but an empty church is as good for me as a full one right now....

I do not intend to allow this retrospection to go on.....I need to live in the present with all it's glories and pains...but for now there's no escape from some of it!

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