Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wind farms to go?

More bad news on the weather front. An earthquake in Chile is threatening a tsunami . Here we have a severe pollution warning...yet again...

Combined with all the dreadful storms during the winter it contributes to a feeling that our planet is fighting in fact letting us know that all is not well!

Recently there has been some good news that the various campaigns supported by pressure groups like Greenpeace has delayed some of the worst effects of climate change...

But here in this country fracking is being championed by our government and today comes the news that David Cameron wants to rid the country of wind farms!

This is obviously a position taken up in response to those who see and hear the wind turbines in beautiful places like Cornwall which offend many people who can hear the noise as well as see the blades turning close at hand.

I do understand that this is a genuine problem for many but to substitute fracking to extract the shale gas would surely be just as bad for the environment if not a good deal worse.

A general election looming means many daft ideas are going to be floated over the next months but I can't help but feel that renewable energy such as is being supplied by wind turbines and solar panels has to be the major part of the answer.

I know that our solar panels send a huge amount of energy into the grid...and I understand that for many people the cost of putting them on the roof is prohibitive but in some places in the world we saw the panels laid along low piers, looking a bit strange but doing the job they were set up to do and supplying several ports with much needed energy.

Conventional ideas of beauty means a resistance to anything alien on the landscape but you get used to them very quickly. From our position high on a cliff I can see several wind turbines erected over the last years. From here they look beautiful...a signal of hope for the how is this government going to justify taking them down? Or is this just pre election posturing?

I hope so.

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  1. Admittedly I don't live within sight of one, but all the wind turbines I have so far seen, both here and in Europe have looked quite good, and there surely can't be any argument as to there efficiency?
    Solar panels, as you say, do look a bit strange but weighed against their terrific output I can see no reasonable argument against their use.
    If we have to sacrifice the aesthetics of our local scenery, so be it.
    Like you I am quite scared of the damage fracking will do to the earth's infrastructure.
    Let' pray for common sense.