Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brave new world!

I lost my broadband for half a day yesterday. I wasn't being careless, it just disappeared...the hub showed it pinging on and off with the normally blue symbol adopting a wonderful blinking neon pink .

I did all the usual things, turning it on and off , testing with various laptops. ..telling it to pull itself together!

Nothing. All the tablets, phones, kindles etc around the house went on Internet strike!

It was only half a day but it brought back horrid memories of the last time it happened in the immediate aftermath of my sons death when the phone joined in and nothing worked for three weeks!

I have no idea what caused it , yesterday the phone worked. But everything else told me it wasn't working .

The wind was very strong. It blew me over during the afternoon so I would have assumed an overhead line had blown down.

Except they dug them all in a few years ago. So it wasn't that!

Dark forces, unknown gremlins , weather eccentricities all feels personal when the rest of your world is under going personal last night I turned to the boxed set of Greys Anatomy....

After three episodes non stop the gremlins had retreated . The flashing light had turned blue. I could communicate with the world again...

It is pathetic what a relief this was....I came to bed in the knowledge that I could once again tweet and see what my friends are up to on Facebook! It's a weird brave new world we now live in!



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