Saturday, 24 May 2014

E mail scam!

Yet another scam has just arrived from America. It warns that I am to appear in court and that if I don't go the case will be heard in my absence.

Not having any idea about any court cases I opened the attachment. Oops!

It was blank .

I researched this then and found a whole lot of stuff from Nebraska that told me not to open the thing because it contained many viruses.

The warnings were loud and clear and so I am now waiting. Hopefully my mac appliances can deal with it !

Apparently people can in theory use my data to mess with my finances etc...

This fact suggests why people take time and trouble to invent these things...but really why do some people take great pleasure in messing with people's heads in this way.

They can never see the results of their work and you can only assume the worst. They do it because they can.

In the old days in times of yore I got an email from an old friend telling me that she'd sent me an email containing a virus and giving me details on how to do it. The instructions were long and complicated so I hi jacked two teen age boys who sorted it out in about half an hour!

Lacking a teen age boy or any Windows on any computer in the house I am assuming I am safe.

If you hear nothing from me tomorrow you will know that my optimism is misplaced!

Don't open any emails about any court appearances in the meanwhile.....

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