Tuesday, 20 May 2014

E tickets day .

My plans for today are changing by the minute. I had planned a short drive to the local shops....and then a walk up to our local castle.

It's raining now.....and then I reminded myself that a bit of rain is nothing to those of us who walked our dogs no matter what the weather several times a day! This small amount of rain should not deter anyone but strangely it does.

My days are now unstructured. No husband , dog or cat to look after....no meals to prepare, no jobs waiting to be tackled....

My weeks now lack any plan. Apart from the odd filling in I am still not working. There are plenty of things waiting....but nothing urgent demands my immedient attention! This is very weird after years of fitting things in as and when time allowed....

The world is my oyster. I can go anywhere I like....so this morning I am tackling one problem that I've been putting off. I am going to print off my e ticket boarding pass for my flight to Madeira.

You can only do this in the month before travelling and that's where I am now! I have also got an app on my iPhone which does the same job so it's going to be belt and braces.....

The butterflies in my tummy every time I think about doing it all on my own are taking flight as I type.

I have one major consolation. I have done this on my own before...the last time I was a widow....I travelled as part of a tour but we didn't meet the others until we got onto our coach on arrival....so I've done much of this on my own anyway....that's what I keep telling myself....

Once I married my husband took over all the serious stuff. As a world class traveller he kept folders for every possible eventuality...so I now have my own folder with everything I might need en route. I just wish there was a David sized space in it...


  1. I should have just gone for a walk!
    Getting the boarding passes became the complicated procedure I should have known it was! I did it in the end but not without having to allow Adobe Flash into my computer...something I've kept at bay for years!

  2. Wow, well done Jean. Not just for coping with the obvious difficulties of booking anything at all on line, but for having the courage to 'go it alone'.
    I'm afraid I still haven't found the confidence to go anywhere much on my own, and have virtually given up all travel beyond this town.
    You will enjoy the trip I'm sure and make a lot of new friends.

  3. Bravo for you for having the courage to take this trip. It might be a struggle, but you love Madeira so it's worth while. And perhaps the break will be restorative for you.

    Prayers continue here for you; :)