Thursday, 15 May 2014

Games for the lonely!

I'm sorry to say that my game playing is escalating!

One of the great bonuses of the IT revolution we are living in is the easy access to games of various kinds.

During the immediate aftermath of the first David dying...I bought my first computer....he had been computer phobic...but I wanted a word processor. A canny salesman in the local Dixons took the opportunity to set me up with what was then a machine more akin to magic than science!

I had to improve my mouse control obviously and playing solitaire was the answer!

Various other card games were available and a dear friend bought me a Monoply floppy disc for Christmas.....I was away! A habit was started then which has never gone away .

Since my last widowhood though it has got slightly out of hand!

The number of apps available at the App Store is bewildering....I now play real people every day....

Some like my Scrabble playing partners have become friends...and the only reason I stay with Facebook....

I also play backgammon on Fibs....the first internet backgammon site! I am well down in the rankings but I enjoy playing with opponents from all around the world!

All sorts of card games have drawn me in, specially Cribbage as taught by my grandad!

Weird stuff also draws me in now I'm back to being a widow again.....Candy crush saga is the most unlikely of them! I clearly have far too much time on my hands....

I am aware of the occasional rush of shame that I am now playing children's games again but I do enjoy them... Pathetic's been a long journey from the clock patience played with my grandparents.

What they would make of the iPads , lap tops and mobile phones we all play with makes for interesting speculation but right now they might be pleased that I still using the skills they taught me so long ago!

Thank you Grandads!


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