Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Garden joys and woes.

The sun is out....the garden looks enchanting. The pests are also out, snails , slugs, moles, and rabbits!

When I had a dog the moles were there but not too much of a nuisance.

This year is the first time I've seen big fat brown rabbits bouncing through the undergrowth.

At least the moles eat slugs but the rabbits eat flowers......

This slug is a little bigger than our common variety but you get the idea! Thank you Kathryn!

When the path was laid last year the spare earth was piled at the end of the garden and I now realise that it covers the area that contained the stink horns....so I am hopeful that they are not going to be a problem this year!


This is the view from the end of the garden looking towards the house! The predominant colour just now is pink!

The raspberries are ripening and the gooseberries are fat and brown . I hope they don't all get eaten.

I am so glad that rabbits can't jump! Everything taller than them should be safe.

I am improving my act as a latter day Mr McGregor daily but as I can't kill things I need to borrow a dog occasionally......

In the meanwhile the garden is a joy even with all it's predators holding their annual Spring feast!


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