Thursday, 8 May 2014

Good morning.

Woken up to wind and rain so it's back to normal here. I just hope that the fruit trees have gone past the stage where all the flowers get blown off....again!

There are far more people about than I realised till yesterday. I went down to church fairly early and whilst I was walking around the creek was astonished at the number of visitors .

Two separate school trips arrived and I gave out directions whilst squashing my urge to give them more information than they asked for.....on these occasions it is depressingly easy to turn into a know all.....

I have to go down again today! I realised a little belatedly that I'd left my vary lense specs in the vestry on Tuesday so I'm hoping not too many people are around to witness my attempts at entry!

I do have all the right's just a question of finding them in the right place at the right time. It takes four keys to unlock the door into the vestry from the outside and for me it's trial and error....I just keep trying the keys till the door opens.

This is another example of how good David was to me. He would have gone on his own and be back with the specs in ten minutes!

I am just not good on locked doors! Passwords are far easier to deal with!

So in the wind and the rain and crocodiles of school children I may be gone for some time....but I will not give voice about anything this morning if I can help it! Apart from "Good morning"

I can manage my cheerful voice fine now!

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