Saturday, 17 May 2014

Good weather joys.

Spending an entire day in the garden suits me. It was what me and David did best....Accomplished moochers.

Yesterday morning all the new plants went in. The established plants are in full bloom. If this weather continues I shall be on full time watering duty for a while....which is OK. I can make the accompanying glass of Pimms nearly as well as he did.,

I have cleared out the summer house. Last years cobwebs , old engineering and boating magazines have gone to recycling and are replaced by books of wild flowers and birds. The thrushes are singing. I am waiting for the first swallow. Life is becoming bearable again....occasionally.

By May my tan is usually well established but lacking a spell in the tropics this year I'm just starting one which means being careful. It's very easy to think our sun has no kick in I've located the sun tan lotions...and the insect repellents ..But what is missing is the man, the dear, lovely man . I think of him looking down and smiling as I am out watering all the new plants....

The horse chestnut is making up for not flowering last year.....we shall have conkers in the Autumn!

I am still chattering as I go but so far no ones answering.


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