Sunday, 11 May 2014

Joy on the TV!

I don't get a newspaper every day any more. It's too easy to find out what's going on in the world on line. The disposal of unwanted piles of paper also helped in the decision to discontinue the Times.

The one thing I do miss is the supplement with the TV listings. I rely now on knowing from day to day what is usually on.....but that way I miss things...

I found a neat app listing the programs to put on my iPad last week which is a great help...but it's the various play back apps which actually save the day. Being able to go on line to watch missed episodes means I can see things whilst sitting up in bed...or in the summer house when the signal is strong enough!

The whole pattern of viewing is changing rapidly.

I realised yesterday that during the week I'd forgotten to watch something so I clicked onto the BBC I player to look for it. And there I found gold! A programme showing Alan Bennett on his 80th birthday ,talking about his work!

For an hour I was enthralled....I have always loved his work, his plays his autobiographical writings, his acting ability...

His upbringing in the North reflected in many of his plays about his parents, his chatty reviews of various art galleries and his wonderful monologues, are all part of the picture. But it's the way he was adopted by Miss Shepherd who for quite a long time lived in his drive that makes for wonderful reading.

Finding the program sitting on the I player brought me unexpected joy yesterday. A much needed commodity right now....thank you God and the good old Beeb.....


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