Sunday, 4 May 2014

Last remains

Yesterday I went down to the church early, knowing there was a wedding later. It's incredible beauty always takes my breath away especially in the Spring when flowers are everywhere you look.

I knew there was a chance that the hole for the interment of David's ashes would have been dug early Monday being a Bank holiday!

It was. I ordered the gravestone this week . I chatted to the stone mason who remembered well the memorial for the first David who had always insisted that when the time came he wanted no bench, nothing ostentatious...and so he got a granite dog bowl placed under a tap in the village he loved. The mason chuckled as he recalled it.

He also made a lovely little slate plaque which marks my daughter's grave.

He made the stone for my son's grave too so this is becoming far too much of a habit.

I stood by the spot with primroses and bluebells close by and remembered that this would be my last resting place too! It felt very strange to be standing by what will be my own grave.


The sun shone. The tide filled the creek. Impossible to imagine a more beautiful place to spend eternity.

We shall rest in peace.


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