Saturday, 10 May 2014

Memories of a life .

I've been going to bed very late. This is repeating a pattern from the years after the first David died. This means that I'm not waking up far too early! Some how the world is a different place at seven o'clock than it is at half past five!

It's been an upsetting week. The business of tidying up my husbands office needs to be done but much of it is leaving me red eyed and depressed! The cold weather this week has meant that I've spent far too much time going through hundreds , thousands of photographs.

Then there are the huge numbers of small slides ...I too have many boxes full of transparencies but now lack the viewers . It is one more indication of just how technology has transformed our habits in the last few years.

To keep the small transparencies in equally small boxes to look at via projectors or small magnifiers has now become a thing of the past. We keep our photographs on our phones and computers. Few get onto paper these days. The ease of sending them via email means there is no need to print them off!

Nevertheless to find large boxes full of slides as well as paper photographs shows how great the revolution has been. The whole of David's life is here, contained in lovely pics of his first wife, his children and grandchildren, his cars and boats and the various homes they've shared...

I've put them all together for his sons...and inevitably have photographed several with my Iphone which now sit on my lap tops and iPads. . ...

The world has changed totally in the last own big boxes of slides are sitting in the barn. I am putting off their resurrection....the only way I can look at them now is to wear out my already hard worked eyes but the truth is that once I'm gone they will be of no interest to anyone else!

My memories , my pics of my loved ones will remain hidden until at some point in the future they will join all my old scribblings in the great dustbin in the sky....

I'm not as depressed as this may's just been a hard week!

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