Friday, 23 May 2014

Picking up pieces

This week has seen a sort of revival of a social life. In the distant days before the church got me and I remarried I did have a social life....and like many others in small villages much of this centred around the local pub or social well as the church.

On marrying David I moved away and we spent the next few years running an intergnum here with no time for the sort of social life we'd had before.

Now I am being invited to pick up the pieces again. Several invitations have arrived this week and I have accepted them's time to start to live again, painful though that is proving at times.

On Wednesday a very sweet man invited me to a meal on a cliff top looking out to sea. It was a village occasion and lots of very old friends turned there were many hugs, old friendships renewed, and I am now up to date with the way other peoples lives have turned out!

Tonight I am returning to the same village with someone I've known since the early eighties...I am going to the same pub we always used to go to and once again there will be people there I haven't seen for yonks,

What is remarkable in all this is that I have no need to tell anyone anything about my life. They all know.

I am too ancient now to start a really busy social life but it feels good to see old friends and hear how the world has been treating them in my self imposed absence.

Tragic news is mixed with new dogs , new boy friends etc....the world continues to turn and I must turn with it or get left behind like an old beached whale. Ahem!




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