Monday, 19 May 2014

Selfie. Arghhh

The very last thing I have been concerned with over the last months was my appearance. This morning, realising that I have started a tan I decided to use this lovely little iPad to take a selfie to compare before and after!

Gosh...the last few months are easy to see, reflected in my face...

Until this morning I hadn't realised just how old I am. Lines, bags and sags are all there. You can't go through months of grief and strain without the visible evidence.

I am not complaining about this....I wear my lines with pride....each new wrinkle represents the strain and grief of six months pain.

I am an old you can clearly see...

Old trees, furniture, houses and churches are all capable of being there is something to aim at!



  1. Jean you are indeed lovely and I don't see an old woman there but a woman of character and grace.

  2. Jean, you're the best argument against using Botox I've ever seen. Every picture tells a story, good and bad are reflected there.
    You really wouldn't want to be a wise, intelligent old biddy with a smooth empty 20 year old face would you?
    Don't hurry to answer that:)