Sunday, 18 May 2014

Shed envy.

Amongst my encounters yesterday was an old friend I married several years ago! She talked about her husband with obvious love and told me he had a bad case of shed envy!
They had been on holiday and stayed in a small hotel where the husband had a retreat when things got too busy. He retired to his summer house....and my friends husband wanted one too!
David had his own shed.....on summer mornings he would retreat to the summer house, cafetiere in hand and settle down to the fiendish sudoku and crossword. It was his haven and only a favoured few were ever invited in!
I am not sure about all this. Though I recognise the need for a  retreat  well enough.....
Many years ago when the children were small my Aunty Winnie appeared on my door step one morning with her suitcase! She had to get away she announced. Newly retired Uncle Sam was driving her mad!
He got under her feet, had tried to reorganise all the cleaning chores and she had had enough.....
Obviously I welcomed her...made her comfy and then took my car to see my uncle.
He was distraught.....he was only trying to help!
She had been on her own in their home for most of their married life.....she had her own ways of doing things and health and safety played no part in her activities.
In their garden was a shed. My uncle loved his roses...he spent a lot of time out there in the summer but this was winter.
I made suggestions....a small parafin heater? A comfy armchair? A bottle of something warming?
It did the trick. He set up his masculine haven and they lived happily ever I am fully conversant with mans need for a strategic retreat....and for woman's serenity at finding herself in sole charge of the houses again!
I parted from my friend yesterday with invitations to call in any time...but ended by saying...."But don't tell him about the shed."
Lacking my own inhabitant in the outer garden does not mean I can harbour another seeker after solitude.
The poor man needs his own shed. Mine has been feminised now...

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