Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Spring at St Just.

The strange weather during the last winter has given way to a lovely Spring. Suddenly blue bells are everywhere....some in the grass in my garden where none have been seen before!

The snails are on the march too.....chomping away after a winter hibernating . I have yet to see a slug but it can only be a matter of time....

Fields of rape glow the brightest yellow all around and this morning I have to remind myself to take my asthma spray out with me.

All the fruit trees are in full bloom. On previous years an easterly wind has arrived to knock it all off but some fruit is already setting so I am hopeful for this year....we may get more than a handful of apples and cherries.

The wind chimes are providing counterpoint in sound.

Family are arriving soon. David's ashes are being interred.....

I am getting used to the juxtaposition of beauty and sadness, of new life and death. There is room for joy as well as tears...

After I have spoken the words, scattered the soil, dried a stray tear we will raise a glass and remember the good times and the gentle beautiful man we all loved.

We will tell each other stories and remember other loved ones.... amongst all the glory and awe that is St Just in Roseland. Thank you God.


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