Sunday, 25 May 2014

Varieties of blokes.

This week has seen me being taken out by a wide variety of people, some men. It really has been very weird. All kind, all good companions, all intent on trying to get me back into the real world.
The various occupations of the men are so much at odds one with another that I fear that if we put them together there would be almost no common ground at all ..
Two of them are still working. The other one was my dentist in a past life and I started the conversation by telling him that I couldn't possibly smile at him.
He grinned. "It's alright Jean I know you don't look after your teeth when I'm not around to embarrass you into it. "
Today's young man is or was a professional football in management.
There will be a group of us in the party so I will risk smiling at them all.
The man who took me for my meal on the cliff top is a member of a local church! A kind sweet man who brought me fudge and chocolate during the worst weeks and made me smile again.
I have done a lot of smiling this week after all, even at my ex dentist!
Smiling is I think good for the soul as well as the body. I have no doubt that happiness is a life choice. You can chose to go through life regretting missed chances, lamenting unkindnesses and have a good grouse about the weather et al.
There's always something to moan about and occasionally a good complaint blows off a lot of steam!
I am still choosing to shout at God rather than worship Him. But it means He is still there....
The varied nature of my companions this week have shown me that life is still there to be enjoyed...and that I am still capable of going out with blokes who are kind enough to ask me....this should not be taken as a hint!

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