Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Voyage of discoveries.

After the service of interment yesterday which was solemn and very emotional we adjourned to our local. We then did what I advise other mourners to do....we talked about David, his boats, his exploits, his job and his cars.
I knew lots of people in the pub and there were hugs, tears and also laughter....
Back home we worked on some of the problems we'd been putting off since David died.
His sons tackled the wine!
David had put the good wine in one of his built in wardrobes...
I had left it all alone....the labels are a mystery to me apart from whether they are red or white and which country they are from but whether they are good, bad or indifferent is an accomplishment I have yet to acquire. .
The boys left me with a lot still in the wardrobe but the car they drove off in , at the end of day rattled....
We had had an awful lot of wine.....
They left me a lot of white wine, telling me that it doesn't lay down in the same way that red does and that I had to drink it! Ahem!
I then produced several non alcoholic items I'd found in my tidying up and many of them remain mysteries....ancient instruments used long before modern technology made life easier....
The one which I found in a canvas box completely foxed us for a while. It was a heavy cylinder attached to a long string which disappeared into its body until on pulling it out the head of it spun around . It produced a grinding noise and for a while we thought it was a sort of nautical plum line. It was not however...it turned out to be a razor!
I have a house full of items like this....and I'm only at the start of a journey of discovery! I shall drink the white wine whilst puzzling on lots of similar mysteries...who knows what might turn up?


  1. If you drink enough of the wine you will probably come up with some good ideas for the use of these items. We all know alcohol is great for making you see things differently! Bon chance.

  2. You could probably make a few bob by putting those things on ebay. There's bound to be collectors or the different devices around.

    Glad it went well, not sure about drinking all of the wine? As I am completely abstinent from all alcohol, I don't frown on it, but perhaps sharing it with others might be a good idea - hic!!

    1. Earnie.....this wine will take years. Two at least....or I could just throw a very wild party for the entire village!