Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wild flower garden.

Last Autumn David had a path made right round the garden. It was his last gift to me and I treasure it daily. In the process of making it the soil was cut out and left in large brown pyramids at the end of the garden. We thought about this...they were vey ugly, bare but we came up with a plan! We would make them into a wild flower area. I bought some seeds.

This project got put on hold right through the winter for obvious reasons but in the Spring I flung a lot seeds at it, wondering if it was actually a good idea. I had to persuade the gardener not to touch it no matter what came up! He is allowed to strim it all down next winter!

Since then it has greened up nicely. The docks and the plantains are mostly in charge but there are poppies, nasturtiums , lots of heal all, ladies bed flowers and goose grass. It's all wild, all glorious in a great untidy melting pot. The bees have been much in evidence, so far no butterflies but it's early yesterday I found a dragon fly....damsel and neon blue striped....glorious. New things pop up every day...I love to walk beside it talking to who ever is listening...

Meanwhile back in the other garden I have gooseberries almost brown! Hundreds of raspberries ripening..tiny green cherries hang in bunches and there are flowers everywhere...on every bush, every shrub.

Nature is resilient and beautiful. Thank you God for the flowers and David for the path.


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