Thursday, 19 June 2014

Counting blessings.

Yesterday was a day of adventure. This would be dull for most people but for me it involved several steps into my new life.

My visit to the masseur was interesting and took longer than I thought but I felt much better after I'd had it and then they gave me a cup of tea with a small pot of honey.

In the afternoon I had two swims.....drying off between them in glorious sun shine!

Someone I'd met on the first day has her apartment four doors away from mine so she gave me a preprandial gin and tonic and thus fortified we set off to find dinner!

Quite close at hand is a street me and David had never found full of small eating places....

My fish of the day was something unpronounceable but was very tasty......local plonk helped it down .

We both enjoyed our meal and it was quite late when we got back. I slept very well!

Finding people here in much the same boat certainly helps...

Even the young woman in charge of room cleaning helped. After I explained why I was here alone she flung her arms around me and said "God bless you"

This unexpected blessing brought on the tears but not for long.....I am mending. Thank you God.


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