Friday, 13 June 2014

Ducks in a row....almost.

I had a brilliant idea yesterday....why not download an entire season of a really good TV series to watch whilst I'm away!

Of course there's TV in our apartment but not much in English so to take a whole series away looked like a good idea! Hummmmm

It's been downloading most of yesterday and all night....

Next time I have a good idea I shall resist it...

Why I just didn't take a few CDs away with me is one of life's mysteries.

I realised rather belatedly during the week that the evenings are going to be the problem.

David and I always had a lovely dinner out somewhere. I can't do that on my own....a packet of crisps washed down with plonk looks the more likely solution ..... Hence my 'good idea'

I am now feeling some sort of a buzz....getting out sun tops and swimming costumes has reminded me of how happy we have been there. It's three years since our last trip!

The pic is the view I took from our balcony last time. I'm not expecting it to have changed much.

My EHIC card arrived yesterday... European Health Insurance Card. They kindly included a check list for travelling in the EU. Terrifying!

My predominant feeling is apprehensive now....I don't go till Monday so I'm hoping the TV series will have finished downloading by then!


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