Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Early morning excursions......

The day last week when my car wouldn't start decided me to take action! I ordered a new solar panel to sit on the dashboard . It worked well with the Beetle so it was worth a go!

It duly arrived and I went to pick it up. The man in the garage was putting it in for me when he discovered that it wouldn't work in my newer car. It plugged into the cigarette lighter on the Beetle but this more up to date car doesn't allow the lighter to be used when the ignition is switched off. As I can't leave my car with the keys in it I can't use the panel!

Back to square one. I will simply have to take it for a run every morning......bit like having a dog really, except it's more expensive to keep! Also it's not as much fun...

I still miss my morning outings with the dog, we met a lot of people and made good friends during those years so I'm now going to mentally think....morning outing....I can do this

It's not walking when I'm sitting in the car but I must give it a go....there are lots of places I used to visit when we were here on holiday that I haven't seen for ages so from now on so off we go...

On very busy days I could just start the engine and leave it running for a while but that feels a bit of a cop out!

Running the car, walking the dog....

It has now occurred to me that burning all the fossil fuel may not be good for the environment. ....and not much exercise for me.....back to the drawing board!



  1. You might be able to get a trickle charger that you can connect to the battery overnight? Will have a look to see if there's anything available.

  2. this one might suit. It's a mains charger, but can be fitted to battery with a plug in cable under the dashboard which means no having to open the bonnet. Mains cable through window to external house plug socket? Just a though

    1. Thank you's a good bit of research ......I'll look into it later but it sounds easier to just get into the car and go!