Tuesday, 17 June 2014

First night in Madeira!

Well here we are. The journey to get here was so easy, so quick that I am certain that the great engineer in the sky had a hand in it!

I met several people during the journey who are staying here and who have invited me to eat with them...but last night I was just too exhausted! I wandered out briefly, saw that nothing had changed thank goodness and came back to order room service.

I have a fridge and a microwave and all the necessities of life in my apartment but it was a great comfort last night to have spicy Tai shrimp soup brought to my room. ..I also ordered brownies but was too tired to eat them...

It is very strange to be here without David. I have wept. And I am still talking to him as I reacquaint myself with the working details of this apartment.

In my fridge I have eggs , bread and butter, orange juice ....all the makings for breakfast plus two bottles of white wine...I shall not go hungry or dry!

I have also got the internet so I can communicate.

I had difficulty getting to sleep last night even though I was exhausted so I watched the first episode of "House" downloaded last week! It was about a girl with something growing in her brain......

Oddly once I'd got over the first shock it was reassuringly familiar...the brain scans etc were things I now am aware of. It didn't help me to get to sleep though so I returned to listening to an audio book..that did it eventually.

I am grateful for all the messages I have been getting during this stage...they all help. Thank you all and even you God.

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