Monday, 30 June 2014

Journeying home.

My first holiday without David is almost over. I packed most stuff yesterday and am left with the perennial question, how does the stuff to go into the suitcase suddenly grow...take up more room, become bulky?

Once I've got the suitcases packed at some point of today I have to quietly swap all the Euros for pounds...make sure my passport and travelling papers are not at the bottom of a pile of dirty clothes and generally become effecient.

I have made some friends....never felt lonely, never needed to off load to any passing stranger...

I have a good tan..have eaten good food...have drunk good wine.

And yet.....the essential ingredient for a wonderful holiday is lacking. I don't need to put it in words....David was great fun to be with. That's all.

Taxis are arranged....both ends...

When I get home I go back to work....christenings to arrange, sermons to regurgitate...meetings to attend!

That will be good for me I am sure..I have lived in a bubble of isolation for far too long...

I just have to travel alone...not just back from Madeira but for the rest of my life....apart of course from God...but with His help I can!



  1. Prayers for a safe journey and for that return to work and ministry as a single woman again.

    Just remember that are loads of us praying for you and wishing you God's grace as you move forward.

    1. Thank you so much both for your prayers and words of encouragement.

  2. Even if we have no plans to travel to the Eurozone we don't change our Euros back into pounds in case an opportunity arises suddenly to go abroad.

    1. Good thinking...we always had a collection of both euros and dollers ready to go...You never know!

  3. I'm glad you had a good holiday and hope it has fortified you for your return to reality.
    It is so good to get a break from our routines even without a partner.
    David would be so pleased that you were able to do this I'm sure.
    And of course, your fan club(sorry, readers) are all happy for you too.
    Have a safe journey X