Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My new place!

Yesterday I moved house. The apartment David and I bought when we were first married is lovely....a long room divided into kitchen, living area and bedroom...with of course a balcony! It had everything anyone could ever desire for easy living.

My new apartment turns out to be a suite...it has rooms, big rooms...huge rooms....

I have a palatial bedroom with glass doors onto a huge balcony.

The sitting room is enormous and also opens onto the balcony...

There is a kitchen! It is equipped with everything needed to sustain life in the tropics!

There are also two very well equipped bathrooms....life is never going to be the same again...for the next week anyway...

It's only draw back is that I have yet to master the TV and DVD players! But it's only a matter of time...I have two televisions....but the only program I have found so far in English is Sky news.....

The staff here had hung up my clothes for me in one of the two wardrobes...and I seem to have two of everything...if I was a bit closer I could have guests.,

David would I know have loved this...it was more his life style than it's ever going to be mine...

The staff here sent me a birthday card and a bottle of Madeira last night...

It is all wonderful.....but seriously which woman ever needed two bidets?



  1. Unless of course you use one of the bidets as a wine cooler:)

  2. Your new place sounds amazing. More like a palace than a time share.

    Love the descriptions of space. Perhaps next time you can take one or two lovely friends with you, and will be able to take advantage of the second bidet :)

    Not sure that a bidet is quite proper to be used as a wine cooler, what if...... no, I'd better not go there :)

    Loving your posts and that you're meeting friendly supportive people and that you're not finding it to much of a strain and for me, it seems that you are coping very well indeed.

    {{{Hugs}}} for you and prayers :)