Saturday, 7 June 2014

Normandy return!

My heart warmed this morning to the story of the man who gave his care home the slip in order to get to the Normandy landing commemoration yesterday!
I have no idea why they tried to stop him from going...presumably they thought it might kill him.....or at very least hurt him in some way!
The fact that he got there on his own suggests that both mentally and physically he was able to do it!
My brother in law did this return every year. It was extremely important to him at this time of the year. It wasn't just a way of celebrating a victory, it was a meeting of old friends and he always visited the farm where he had found a safe haven all those years ago.
Even when he was slightly infirm physically his brain was clear.....he had to go. Sadly he died a few years ago..but I bet he was there in spirit, cheering on his old friends and revisiting the welcoming farm where he had stayed whilst searching for the Germans who had taken over the country....
This need to remember is much the same as the Dunkirk Little Ships society who make the return across the channel in the same spirit of remembrance and the celebration of the human spirit . When David was its commodore he led the return to mark the amazing armada of small boats rescuing men from certain death on the beach.
It's hard now for us to understand just how desperate the situation was. Here in the common market our former enemies are our friends and allies.
The men's need to mark their extraordinary journeys across the channel should not be thought of as an anti German is the celebration of the time in their youth when heroism was needed and celebrated and the survivors who lived through it all were indeed the heroes . There is also the need to remember those who were killed or injured in the fighting.  . Seventy years on they still are...still people to be cheered and be grateful to...
They made the country we live in today safe. They really did give their tomorrow's for our todays.

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