Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Out of my comfort zone.

The world we live in is getting smaller...for the second week running I attended a cocktail party where I met other people from Cornwall. Just over the Fal in fact! These people are very involved with the Trussel Trust and we had a most interesting conversation about poverty in and around the county.
One of the problems we agreed is that the village I live in is more renowned for its millionaires than it's chronically poor. But the conversation had some interesting moments..
Later I recalled that after my first husband died I moved to Cornwall on my own and then fulfilled a dream I had had since I was a girl!
I became a priest. Amazing to think that I did all that in the years after bereavement.
So anything is possible. I still have a few dreams to fulfill....I still have things to do....problems to solve...difficulties to overcome. But when I think back to how I was the first time I was widowed I am amazed! Being a wife is very different from being a widow....I miss both David's more than anything I thought possible but life does go a different way.
Helping those less fortunate than myself is top of my list...obviously...and there are many different ways of doing it but I shall be glad to get back to work...and I'm getting stronger now by the day...
Being out of my comfort zone, in the warm cocoon of my house and garden has made me look at things in a different way. I am gratefull for the years I had with my lovely gentle David.. but it is time to become the independent woman I was before I married him...the old me is still there...older, sadder and maybe a little confidence is being restored whilst I am away. So .....
One more step into the world I go, one more step into the world I go. From the old world to the new, I go stumbling along with you!
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