Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I have got my suitcase out and have started the prolonged packing process.

Since arriving home last Spring after our two month cruise life has been fraught and I am finding my sun tops etc bundled away...out of sight out of mind!

They all need washing and ironing's been a busy week so far!

There are so many memories in getting all my stuff sorted out that stopping for a small cry becomes almost normal.

I wept when I found David's new Musto suitcase that I bought him for the last trip stuffed away in a corner of the barn very dirty from building rubbish...

I wept when the search for my passport revealed at least ten of his. Old journeys around the world revealed in stamped pages!

I am sure it's all doing me good, even the ironing. David did all our ironing. It was a moment of amazed joy when he told me that he liked ironing...he found it soothing! I am now using the board in his dressing room and I know what he meant! The view from the window looks right over roofs and fields to show Nare head and the Dodman miles is a soothing occupation....

The tension is building now day by day. Given half a chance I would simply cancel the whole idea of flying anywhere on my own but I've never been a wimp! The first David died before I was sixty. I still had a lot of holidays to I just got on with it!

The fact that I have already flown to Madeira on my own helps....I know it can be done...because I've done it!

Packing my case now I have realised that in the past his case was light compared to mine...weighing in meant that his light case and my heavy one together never became a now I have to try to travel light.

This is not going to be a problem....there are no ball gowns, evening shoes or handbags required...swimming gear and sun tops don't weigh much!

I can do this....but right now I am fighting off slight panic and trying to think of everything.....

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