Sunday, 29 June 2014

Petertide and Henley

On my iPad I have an app called Timehop. It goes back as far as five years and collects things together that happened on this date up to five years back. It recorded our last visit here to Madeira three years ago , previous birthdays and now I am getting pictures of some of our visits to Henley.

Three years ago we were here in Madeira and evidently on reaching home set off with a different set of clothes to the annual regatta! Gosh we were obviously much fitter then!

This morning I found a picture of David in his whites, boater at the ready , pink Leander tie in place...

Also this weekend it's Petertide. The time when ordinands are ordained. I worked out yesterday that it was my tenth anniversary!

Priests around the world are celebrating their first steps into their calling.

Henley and Petertide obviously clash...

The regatta was very important to David. He met old friends he'd rowed with and he cheered on his old college with great vigour.

On the Sunday before Henley he had apologised to me for missing my ordination so it was a great surprise to find him in the line to shake my hand as I came out, newly minted.

Only much later did I fully realise the significance of this.

Henley was a bit of a culture shock to me. I'd never gone in for big hats or floral dresses. I learned fast!

The introduction to his friends was wonderful....they lost no time in telling me about some of his exploits as a young man.

All the pictures are wonderful, reminding me of the time when we were younger, fitter and very much in love.

Thank you God.

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