Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ready to go.

Woken up full of apprehension. Today's the day I fly to Madeira.....on my own!

I have checked in to the flight on line. I have even got the boarding pass on my iPhone. Nevertheless I would be lying if I said it was all OK. It's not. But it is something I have to do.....

Collecting all the bits and pieces, to make life bearable out there is all there is left to do. The various plugs, connectors , suitcase padlocks are all ready to go.....which is more than I am!

The house sitter has had all the house eccentricities explained.

The apartment I shared with David is beautiful. The hotel is beautiful. The country is beautiful....all the trees will be in flower, the sea will be blue, the temperatures high. But it's a leap into the unknown for me.

I will blog my way through I expect.... Watch this space....

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