Thursday, 5 June 2014

Recapturing old delights

I was taken to the north coast yesterday to revisit the place where I took my holidays . I brought my children to the surfing beach at Chapel Porth every summer for years. At first we had an igloo tent and slowly graduated to a very small caravan and we just surfed....for the whole six weeks holiday.

I had been back there before once with my son the year before he died and then with David.

It brought back wonderful memories of getting up early, making enough sandwiches for the day and rushing to the beach to get parked up.

My sons first teen age romance , my daughter surfing in her pyjamas so she wouldn't burn....a wave catching me unawares when I visited it with David , all wonderful memories. I got wet through most of those times but yesterday it was just my feet and the end of my skirt..that caught the huge waves! .

Coming home I remembered how much we had wanted to live in this golden idyllic place and how now there was only me left of both children and husbands.

Coming to live here in millennium year fulfilled two beautiful dreams. For me of course ordination was an even longer held deep desire. To become a priest in my old age in a place I had loved for many years was more than anything I ever thought possible and yet here I am.

This makes me still a lucky woman.



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