Sunday, 22 June 2014

Regaining strength.

Yesterday I walked up the hill from here instead of walking down the hill into town. It was hot and I got tired but I did it. My physical weakness has astounded me day by day. Things that I used to do without any thought or effort now cost me dear! It's another example I think of "use it or lose it "

All the months when I was looking after my husband I did not go out much at all apart from round the garden or round the hospital corridors. I got weak!

I think my physical strength is slowly returning now but I am astounded by just how frail I am at times!

Last night I went to eat in the restaurant again and that was fine...

Today I am walking down the hill to go to a service n the Cathedral. I know there is an English church here but when in Rome......I enjoy the solemnity and can follow the service well enough! It is once again something David and I always did! Old habits are proving hard to break!

Close by here is a is very beautiful and full of lush vegetation

I took some pictures with my iPhone and am stunned to find them on my iPad with no action from me needed! The cloud has clearly extended as far as Madeira!

Tomorrow is moving day. We only have one week time share but by putting two together we can have a fortnight. This means moving at the end of the first week. The staff here do most of it for us...but I still have stuff to could be a busy day!

Today though is church, a day for thanking God for all the joys as well as the griefs. I shall have a handky with me...hopefully it won't get too wet!


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