Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Settling in.

My first full day here was fairly eventful....David and I had stopped attending the gatherings laid on by management but I went to the meet and greet event yesterday morning and remembered why!

I did put my swimming costume on but it didn't get wet! I realised how very tired I was and I just came back to my apartment and dozed on and off....

I kept getting cramp in one foot so swimming might not have been the best idea anyway ...I have noticed that often after a flight I get cramp the next day...I assume it's something to do with sitting still for long periods!

I met another widow over lunch sitting under a big umbrella and she was from a part of Cheshire I knew well so there was a lot in common.

At the cocktail party later we met again and were joined by two ladies from St Austell....it's about twenty miles away from where I live in Cornwall!

All that on the first day showed me that it was possible not to spend too much time alone here ....and they have lots of ideas for the rest of the week!

This morning I am going for a massage...they have built a spa since my last visit!

I had a massage in Sri Lanka some years ago...the masseurs turned out to be very young men!

I was able to reassure the retired lady spinster I went with that it was OK to take off our clothes...

"Trust me" I said cheerfully, "We are not going to turn them on! " she gulped and we got on with it.... I felt wonderful after the last one and I am hoping for much the same this morning.....hopefully without the boys!


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