Friday, 20 June 2014


I am sitting by a glass wall looking out at the ocean. I am sitting at the same table David and I used to eat at .The head waiter led me to it quite naturally. Tears fell. I apologised. He said....

"Life goes on, we miss them but we have to learn to live without them." Astonishing! Wisdom from a man I barely know!

I have taken three days before going to the restaurant here.....I knew it would be hard.

I ate Catalan fish stew on my own. He would not have liked it as much as I did. I drank two glasses of rose and had fruit for pudding.

Having done it once I will go back. There was another woman on her own but the various waiters made it very easy, very natural. Another hurdle over...

Earlier I had attended an informal lecture given by a man talking about the flowers and shrubs all around us.

"Now this one " he says, "Only grows in tropical countries."

"I've got one in my garden" I said. He gave me a very hard look. "What's it called then? "

"It's a bottle brush plant" I said.

He then gave us it's proper name but steered very clear of me. The other people there asked where I lived and nodded their heads sagely when I said Cornwall..

"Oh well" one of them said...."that's nearly tropical."

I'm not sure about that one but I do know that I can grow many plants that did not do well in the north.

Here, the sun shines most of the time...I am using the cream but still going brown fast so it's definitely more tropical than anywhere in the UK! Even Cornwall.



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