Saturday, 21 June 2014

Walking out.

Yesterday I got two invitations to walk into Funchal....both were meant very kindly so off I set, seeing places en route I'd never seen before. It has changed.....I have never seen such radical change in any place in three years! The whole of the harbour and water front has been "made over " or is currently in that process! The small sea food eating places have gone. Madeira is spending it's EU money to give the whole area a make over that I'm not sure was really needed....but then I'm a grumpy old woman so what do I know?

I do know that the very easy walk down the hill that David and I took is now a concrete nightmare.....but it will be better in time...I'm told.

I bought a few things...ear rings and bananas. We had coffee. The cathedral door was shut. The jacaranda trees have finished their first glorious flowering....

Walking through crowded streets I realised that I was in fact very very tired!

We took a taxi home and then I ate a big meal accompanied by an equally large sangria...

After that all I needed was a boiled egg, a banana and some yoghurt in the evening.

One triumph to report was that I managed to open the bottle of white wine left in the room.

The other was that I finally got the DVD player to work! I brought "The House of Cards" first season away with me so this helps.....

I am slowly relaxing, not talking too much and I think I'm winning.

I've worked out a formula for when people ask about my children. I just say , a boy and a girl or one of each, they don't need the whole sad story!

Last night was a traditional island evening. I left my French windows open to listen to a superb clarinet player down below. I shut them again when the traditional Madeiran dances started! I've done them several times before and this year I just couldn't!

Despite all of that I am I think healing. People are so kind, so good and I am very grateful for it!



  1. EU money connected the North of the Island with Funchal. Amazing roads, tunnels etc! Still a lovely island but easier to get around! Enjoy!

  2. The tunnels are wonderful . They also make it possible for people in outlying areas to get work! I sure that Funchal will be also wonderful. Eventually.

  3. It is obvious that you are finding some of this trip difficult (and no wonder), but your ability to see through the crowds of memories and still come up smiling is admirable.
    Recognising when you are tired is another new step for you, so in the end if it teaches you to be kinder to yourself and not expect to win every battle it will have served a very useful purpose.
    I'm so glad you are finding plenty of agreeable company when you need it.

  4. A lot of the changes came about due to the floods a year or so ago, they needed to do some serious rebuilding in Funchai. But I'm sure it's still a lovely place and most of the Island escaped the worst of it.

    It's good to hear of progress, a step at a time and knowing when to stop is important and you're showing all the signs of a slow but definite recovery. Prayers continue here.