Saturday, 28 June 2014

Walking round Funchal

I walked into Funchal yesterday morning on my own. I saw several things to take home as presents , some I bought, some not. I lusted after a wonderful cross only to find the silver was white gold and the diamonte diamonds...I did not buy it.

The narrow streets were crowded and had barrows on the intersections . I did buy some cherries and bananas. Taking a chance I went down to the harbour where I had been told all the fish restaurants had closed. Joy of joy I was greeted with a hug and a coffee from a woman I have been visiting since 2002! They did close but are now open again....

Returning to the shopping fray I looked at handbags and shoes, always my downfall but my head was still on the beautiful cross.

Then I saw walking towards me a face I recognised. It was the wine waiter. He wished me good morning with a smile....he always tops up my glass with rose in was a pleasure to be recognised out of my familiar habitat!.

Time now is moving fast. Last week it seemed endless but having counted up what I still want to do I realised this morning that I'd better get on with it....

The day I come home is flight is a late one..which gives me an extra day...but from experience once you've packed you just want to get on with it!

I must be getting old because I realised last night that I'm looking forward to getting home, seeing my garden etc but I still have two days to on with the motley...what ever that means.....

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